Terms and Conditions

Contract Decorating │ SeaSide Silk Screening


  • Design proof with vector art provided in (1-2) business days
  • Embroidery DST file creation and stitch-out (1-2) business days
  • Reference Posted Turn Times on RainMaker.ink or contact your Customer Service Representative
  • NOTE: Screen print orders with a quantity of 1,000 or more units are subject to be booked and decorated on a custom, extended timeline. 
  • NOTE: Embroidery orders with a quantity of 350 or more units are subject to be booked and decorated on a custom, extended timeline. 
  • Turn-Times are subject to change as volume fluctuates.
  • Orders will be assigned a finish/ship date upon (design proof approval, quote approval, full receipt of goods/blanks) based on that day’s Turn-Time.
  • Orders are booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rush Turn-Times may be available (additional fees will apply). Check with your customer service Representative or on RainMaker.ink for availability.
  • Turn-times may vary (2) weeks prior to major holidays, and rush options will become limited during the following periods: New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas). Validate scheduled in-hand dates with your Customer Service Rep during these periods and plan early.

Payment Terms:

  • Authorized credit card on file — Accepted forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Note: Credit card transaction fees will be applicable and are calculated for your reference in RainMaker.ink.
  • ACH on file (no additional fees)
  • Terms – (30 Days) – Accounts Annual Spend >$20,000. Credit application required. We reserve the right to delay or not accept additional terms accounts at any point in time for any or no reason.
  • Payments may be invoiced/charged at the beginning or end of a production run based on our accounting team’s availability.
  • Terms Accounts running >35 days (5 days late) will be subject to penalty fees and account holds, which will delay all pending and active orders.
  • Unpaid or delinquent accounts are turned over to our Attorney for collection after 75 days. In this event, reasonable Attorney fees, interest, and court-related fees will be added in addition to the remaining balance.
  • Credits from damage will be applied toward future orders and maintained on account.

Design Proof Approval:

  • For the best results, view the design proof on a computer.
  • Previewing design proof on a phone and/or tablet, while possible, may limit your ability to see details.
  • Design proofs are computer generated representations and may not proportionally match the final product.
  • Small TM, ®, and © trademarks may not be legible when printed or embroidered.
  • Ensure a thorough review of the proof and validate image dimensions, placement position, and color selection.
  • We will apply standard location placement unless otherwise directed.
  • Validate: spelling, proper names, acronyms, abbreviations, punctuation, hashtags, sponsor logos, image sizing, ink colors, and that this is the correct graphic before approving the design proof.
  • SeaSide Silk Screening will not be responsible for design proof errors or omissions overlooked by the customer on printed and embroidered apparel.
  • Customer warrants that the subject matter to be screen printed, embroidered, or otherwise decorated on garments, fabric, or other mediums printed by Seaside Silk Screening are not copyrighted or trademarked. If the material is protected by copyright or trademark, the customer has obtained all the proper approvals and release documentation required to allow Seaside Silk Screening to decorate the material. Customer further warrants that no copyright and/or trademark notice has been removed from any material provided. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Seaside Silk Screening, a division of Carolina Beach Apparel, LLC, harmless for all liability, damages, and attorney fees that may be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright and/or trademark infringement involving the work produced for the customer.

Quote Approval:

  • Quote approval is the final step before we proceed to production.
  • Customer sign-off is critical and validates that you have thoroughly reviewed the design proof, products, quantities, sizes, pricing, & shipping location and are ready for us to proceed with production.

Production Spoilage & Supply Chain

(Link to policy on every order approval)


Allow for (2%) spoilage per decorated location on Screen Print & Embroidery orders.
Under (100) units allow for 2 units per decorated location.


  • QTY – 500 t-shirts printed with a left front chest and full back design. Thus, 1,000 decorated locations will equal a print spoilage allowance quantity of 20 units.
  • QTY – 20 Polos embroidered with a left front chest design. Thus, 20 decorated locations will equal an embroidered spoilage allowance of 2 units. 

SanMar PSST Customers:
Embroidery orders with production damage or mill defects will be replaced at no additional cost through SanMar, or we will issue a credit if preferable on both decoration and cost of goods.

Screen Print orders will be subject to standard spoilage policies as noted above.


In the event of decorating and/or mill spoilage of <=2% 

The standard operating procedure is to short ship the original order (less spoilage & mill defects).

A manifest will be in box (1) that lists/notes the quantity, style, color and size by box.

If each item is assigned to a wearer and the count is critical, we encourage sourcing extra garments per size to avoid re-print costs from production, spoilage, or mill defects found at press time. We will decorate additional garments in the print run at no additional cost.


 In the event of decorating and/or mill spoilage of >2%

The standard operating procedure is to contact you directly ASAP (email/text/call) for further direction or remediation and next steps. Replacement for COGs, decoration and additional shipping will be at our cost.  If original apparel is sourced from a blank supplier other than SanMar, Apha-Broader, S&S Activewear or Carolina Made we may ask you to source the damaged goods and will issue a credit/refund with a provided receipt.  

  Decorating spoilage & mill defects will be noted on your order invoice.

Decorating charges associated with decorated spoilage pieces will be removed from the order prior to invoicing and noted.

Credits will be applied for decorating spoilage related to apparel >2% or a replacement order for those items may be requested.

Credits issued will be noted on your account and automatically applied toward your next order.  An email will follow documenting the credit for your records.


Additional Terms/Conditions/Definitions:

  • Mill defects are defined as apparel received from a blank supplier with holes, stains, tears, etc. (not damaged as a result of decorating)
  • Quality concerns reported to Seaside require complete return of ALL decorated product in order to be reviewed for credit or replacement.
    • A UPS call tag may be supplied if requested.
  • We count and Q/A for style, color, and size upon receipt of goods, however, we will not be responsible for:
    • Spoilage and mill defects are tagged by order and stored for a period of 30 days after shipment, then disposed of.  
    • inspecting every garment for mill defects.
    • mill defects identified after decoration has occurred.
    • shade variances within mixed dye lots of the same style.
    • fine color shade interpretation beyond primary colors for an entire style.
    • Variations/inconsistencies in construction of garments related to sizing, centering, seem construction, etc.  
  • Examples: 
    • Left front chest pockets sewn inconsistently.
    • Shirt labels printed/sewn off center.
    • Sizing inconsistencies


Completed Orders

  • Customer has 45 days from shipment to report any issues related to an order.
  • We encourage immediate inspection upon receipt of finished goods and prompt feedback related to issues.
  • Replacement or credit will be available with an authorized return of finished goods.
  • Contact your Customer Service Representative to discuss your concerns and be prepared to provide photos and documentation. We want to understand what went wrong ASAP and work with you to resolve it for your customer.


  • Customer authorizes Seaside Silk Screening to use their UPS and/or FedEx account to ship completed orders as directed.
  • Customer is responsible for the entire cost related to shipment on the provided carrier account.
  • Unpaid shipping fees that revert back to Seaside Silk Screening will be applied to the customer’s credit card on file. Seaside Silk Screening will not be responsible for missed delivery dates caused by the shipping company or for inclement weather conditions.
  • Lost shipments are not our responsibility to replace or resolve.
  • 3rd party shipping rates are not available to us by UPS and FedEx when we ship on your account. We cannot access or provide the details on shipping costs incurred on your account or resolve issues on your behalf with the carrier.

Unallocated & Abandoned Product:

  • Product Sent To, Delivered To, and/or Dropped off at SeaSide will be allocated to active orders in our order process system or upon request, will be processed for return to blank distributors. (return handling & stocking fees may apply).
  • SeaSide makes every effort to identify each item delivered to us by purchase order.
  • Any product left unallocated to orders will be stored for up to 30 calendar days. After 30 days from delivery; any unallocated product may be donated to charity or disposal where SeaSide will no longer be responsible.
  • SeaSide does not inventory or store product for non-active orders. If long term storage (Greater than 30 days) is required, please contact your customer service rep to make arrangements where charges and accommodations will be made.

Customer Rules and Confidentiality:

  • We are a Contract Screen Print and Embroidery Decorating House and value our relationship with our selling partners.
  • We will never print or embroider for a retail or wholesale customer you brought to us.
  • Your orders/information is kept confidential, and your customers are never shared with others.
  • If your customer calls us directly, and we recognize who they are, will put them back in contact with you and decline working with them directly.
  • If your customer chooses to work with another professional seller who happens to also work with us, we will accept that work, but will not share any of the prior art, DST files, or other details associated with this customer.
  • DST or Art files that we created on your behalf will always be available to you on demand.
  • DST or Art files that we created for other customers will not be available to you for distribution or use.

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